Deborah Vesey

My initial ideas for this project, focused on the architectural structures of prisons. Looking at block pattern within architectural drawings, prison floor plans and cell layouts. I began by drawing inspiration from artists such as Johan Hybschmann and Paul Furneaux who work with 3D materials.

This led me on to experimentations with varying materials such as wood and laser cut papers. Taking inspiration from maps of Millbank, I developed designs for laser cutting, which have then, moved forwards into distorted imagery using light and shade through the medium of photography.

This concept was inspired by architectural model making, in particular the work of Sara Shafiei. This focus on 3D materials has continued throughout, leading to the development of a more playful contrast, which was the result of the painting and building up of wooden blocks to form structures that I will later expand into designs.

A consideration has been the boundaries between large open spaces and intimate seclusion, considering varying angles and scales.

I aspire to develop these starting points further, forming designs that illustrate a feeling of depth and tension, conveying altering moods, and shifting emotional states.

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