Egle Vaituleviciute's project

As an inspiration for the Inside/Outside project my starting point was looking at the Millbank Panoptican building structures. As I researched further, I began to think about the prisoners trapped inside these building structures.This led me to the Wellcome Collection, where I loked at the human body and anatomy. In my drawing reaserch, I was exploring the idea of the inside of the body on the outside, body distortion, and emotions trapped on the inside wanting to get out.

In my experimental textile process, I have been looking at various techniques,m including the traditional Shibori dyeing techniques and trying to translate them into a fresh, contemporary feel. These building and body structures are complex, and they are interesting to explore as they have many layers and points of view. My work reflects this diversity with the combination of layering through the different techniques I am combining together.

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