Peggy Moseley's project

Using the project title, 'Inside/Outside,' I chose to look at exotic plants, taking them apart and looking into the unexpected structure inside. This led me to start looking at fruit such as pomegranate, passion fruit, kiwi and figs. I liked the colour palettes and felt they all worked together and was fascinated by their intricate structure found within.

Through observation and drawing I looked very closely into the form, texture and colour of the fruit. Submerging them into water has helped to inform my colour palate and has proven to be an interesting way to draw them. Linking this observation with Millbank, I have researched the stitching techniques such as lacing that women in the old Millbank prisons used and have incorporated that into my practice. I have also been researching beautiful structures that I see reflected within the exotic fruit structures.

Using these techniques mixed with my research on exotic fruits I want to create beautiful fabrics that touch on the history of Millbank, while still focusing on the inside and out theme. I have now begun to experiment with materials that reflect my research and will lead into my final designs. One such idea is to use fabric incased in plastic to help observe the shiny quality that is portrayed in my drawings.

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