Slow Ways of Knowing

Slow Lab, an organisation devoted to exploring Slow Design, is working with design students in Amsterdam on a project about local urban landmarks. Just as students have been asked to investigate the local Millbank area for Inside/Outside, this project in Amsterdam is using a range of creative tools to develop 'Slowing' scenarios for a place already steeped in political, social and personal histories.

It is based on Slowlab's previous project called Slow Ways of Knowing, that encourages new ways of 'knowing' urban landscapes, and has been played out in places including Bristol in the UK and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, USA.

Slowlab are drawing inspiration from sources like UK charity Common Ground's 'Rules for Local Distinctiveness' to encourage the students to think in new ways about 'local'.

"By revealing unseen or forgotten aspects of those places, Slow Ways of Knowing projects strive to generate awareness and participation, to remind people of their own part in and responsibility to the life of such places, and to encourage ongoing creative investigations. Only then is it possible to envision and, importantly to affect what they may become in the future."

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