Bacterial dye by Marilyn Bastien

exploring bacterial dye to use as a new technology

I wish there was an easy way to approach this ideal of sustainability but there isn’t and to add on the challenge “sustainability” is a broad term that can be used in multiple ways. Which is why we can’t judge or dismiss any efforts as small as they can be when it is about being better for the environment. Whether we take 1 or 10 of the TED themes on board, it still one step closer to a cleaner and greener planet.

For me, starting by looking and sourcing eco-friendly materials would be a professional way to incorporate “design to reduce chemical” concept into my work. I don’t think that in the present economical climate, our way of consuming goods will change quick enough to save the planet so if at least what goes to land field is not polluting or within certain limit, it will be like buying time. I truly think that a new economical structure could contribute to improve our consuming habits and bring balance in our lifestyle but that will take time and re-education. As part of that re-education, a long-term relationship with your belonging should hopefully be put forward as it is clearly healthier for you and the environment to consume with the right emotions involved. This is a philosophy that I want as part of my work and it will definitely be taken into consideration when it will come time to conceptualise as much as to promote my work.

Science, I believe, will also play a major role in our future. However, evolution is something that needs to be accompanied with some ethical values that are very important if we don’t want to “play god”. Which takes me to designing for ethical production. It is important to consider the people involved in a production line but it is also important to consider who we are as mankind and how can we put to good for our blue planet this knowledge we acquire through scientific researches.

I believe it is part of our responsibility as young designers to challenge the large corporations by showing them that it is possible to be innovative without compromising the planet. In fact it can be the source of inspiration. 


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