Zero Waste Weave by Serap Pollard

zero waste woven dress

My aim is design a weaving technique and design garments with zero waste. The garment has to come out of the weaving machine (model of weaving machine: TEXEL) which will be ready to wear.
A standard garment production process may begin with a drawing of the desired garment, a pattern is then generated to achieve this design, a marker is made to most efficiently use the fabric (without modifying the pattern shapes), the pattern pieces are then cut from the cloth, sewn, packed and distributed to retailers. Standard garment production generates and average of 15% textile waste-due to the stratification or hierarchy of the garment production process. My project and designs will not have any of those processes. Project will include;
1.     Reduce the waste by design
2.     Use Mono materials
3.     Use Ecological materials
4.     Harness new technology
5.     Design for Delight

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