Dr Frances Geesin's Materials Workshop

Dr Frances Geesin’s workshop (15th October 2010) inspired experimental bonding of materials. She demonstrated fusing fibres: exploring ideas of melting, layering trapping and releasing fabrics with heat, in a whole range of ways.  In both the morning and afternoon sessions,  groups were able to play with new and recycled materials in the print workshop.  

If you google Frances' name, and click on 'images', you will see the most amazing range of work by this prolific and experiemenatl artist. When I did, I also came accross this interesting website). I found the image below there, along with this text...  

"Dr. Frances Geesin, a researcher and textile artist, is a winner of the NanoArt 2008 competition for her magnificent work with electroplated textiles inspired from microspcopic images of the invisible elements in our world. Working from nano images, Geesin is inspired by the complex and layered world revealed through the electron microscope. She translates these hidden structures and patterns into beautiful 3D forms.

"Six Hollows" (pictured below) was inspired by nano-capsules designed for drug release. The pieces are created from thermoplastic and electroplated in nickel."

Posted by Kay Politowicz & Becky Earley

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