Fold: Some reading...

Following on from Frank Cartledge’s lecture last Friday, here are some texts to look at on the ‘fold’:

Barnett, Pennina, (1999) Folds, Fragments, Surfaces, In Textures of Memory: the poetics of cloth, catalogue Angel Row Gallery: Nottingham
Deleuze, Gilles, (1993) The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque, London : Athlone Press
Quinn, Bradley, Returning to the Fold, In Selvedge, Issue 2, Sept./Oct. 2004
Mitchell, Victoria, (2000) Folding and Unfolding the Textile Membrane: between bodies and architectures, in
Stair, Julian, The Body Politic: the role of the body in contemporary craft,  Crafts Council

We will get them put on project reference shelf in the library, but Pennina Barnett’s text is in a catalogue available behind the library counter.

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