Joanna Fowle's project

My initial starting point for my collection will be concentrating on the physical structure of Millbank Penitentiary. I will begin by looking at the hexagonal and pentagonal shapes of the prison architectural form from an aerial perspective.

I am fascinated by surface, texture and light. Light from inside, light from behind, the way light alters and plays with surface, reflection and refraction, light and shadow. I will experiment with surface on the inside and outside by scoring pleating, folding and distressing papers with different thicknesses and transparencies. I will build paper maquette structures, photographing from above and beneath, playing with the idea of inside and outside. I will experiment further with trapping light within these objects to project pattern onto other surfaces playing with the idea of containment. I will be referencing geometric patterns, origami paper folding artists and the recent exhibition of Louise Borgeouis.

For colour I will be concentrating on a monochromatic palette with subtle greys, browns and gradients with flashes of strong colour to add interest and impact. I intend to photograph and work digitally but would also like to dye fabrics and experiment with discharging the linear aspects of the digital designs I make. I would like to use luxurious fabrics such as silk, jersey, leather and wool.

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