Sarah Brown's project

Instead of focusing my research on the Prison itself, I wanted to research the journey the prisoners took when being deported to Australia. Their journey would have begun at the Thames edge in Millbank where the ships would follow the river out to the open sea. I have visited three different areas along the Thames to help imagine what the prisoners might have seen. I began my journey at Chelsea and walked to Tower Bridge. I wanted to capture different themes in each area.

Through the London section, I found the architecture around the river and different textures on the walls interesting. My next stop was at Tilbury where the ripples in the banks where sewage waters ran to the river, were quite beautiful.

My final stage of the thames was at South-End-on-Sea. I was able to walk along the banks and found a variety of treasures in the sand. Materials such as ceramic, glass, metal, tin, shell and paper were found washed up on the bank. I want to reuse parts of my collection (e.g. ceramic) to print onto or to manipulate into 3D fabric. This will create a second life for those items used.

I want to create surface designs and prints that can represent the feel of each of these three areas. I want to manipulate the fabric by creating textures found in my areas. I intend to explore ideas of melting, shrinking, folding, layering, raising, stitching, gathering and heat manipulating.

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