Designs Inspired from Nature by Diti Vora.

Embroidering this design that creates shadows and highlights on natural fabrics is what makes it a good, sustainable design. Using models from nature and using clean technologies is what makes it interesting.
Being a designer, it is my social responsibility that I try my level best to eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful and sensitive design. TED gave me a deeper insight about sustainable design and how it minimizes the impact on the environment. My studio practice involves designs inspired from nature. It is all about leaves and seasons. I learnt by staring the changing light and its effects on the surroundings and found new ways of seeing colors and nature. Using techniques like dyeing, laser cutting, digital printing, embroidery and hand painting, keeping the sustainable aspect in mind is what I wish to carry forward with my practice.

What interested me the most out TED’s ten are the following:
- Design to minimize waste
- Design to reduce chemical impact
- Design to explore clean/better technology
- Design that looks at models from nature and history

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