Photo Diary MA Research Focus Group 2011-2012

Clara Vuletich for 'Design to Reduce Chemical Impact'. Clara is the
Mistra Future Fashion PhD student and former TED Research assistant.
Her work is related to many of the TED's Ten strategies as she is a Designer
as Change Maker and is looking at social models. Due to her expertise
in sustainable materials she presented traditional and new ways to minimise
chemicals in textile production.

Julian Roberts demonstrating his Subtraction Cutting
technique during 'Design to Minimise Waste'

The full MA Textiles and Kay Politowicz studio during
'Design to Reduce the Need to Consume'

Rebecca Earley presented her work 'Top 100' to the principal
investigators of 'Design for Recycling and Upcycling'
TED's PhD student Mathilda Aspinall followed every session with the students
and gave feedback and suggestions as well. Mathilda's work is related to
TED's Ten 'Design that Looks at Models from Nature & History' as her work
looks at the historic tradition of how garments were reused and remodelled in time.

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