Human Lights by Cecilia Jie Huang

I am trying to make collaboration of natural biodegradable material and glow-in-the-dark material to present a visual concept of ‘extremely natural and human lights’.  The final products will have two different visual effects in day-time and at night. In the day time, the product will just look like normal fabric but at the night the look will completely change.  So the customer will actually have two different usages of the products. And also I am doing a research about all the materials I use in my project to test how long take them to biodegraded into the ground.  I keep all the records and try to learn as much as possible about materials I use so that I can explain to my customer what the products made from, how they need to treat them and where they will go into when the products have been throw away.  After learning the whole life chain of the products, the customer will have more idea about the items and have a think about how long they wish to keep them.  Even when the customers are not willing to own the products anymore, they know how to treat them after all. 


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