Hand Painted Textile Design by Patrizia Loretta Bosisio

Hand painted textile design
My love for nature, especially for flowers, has been the main reason for my studies and research. In my practice as a textile designer I am constantly inspired by nature. I have been using images from the natural world such as flowers, leaf, colours and textures for most of my designs. Ted’s 6, Design that looks at Models from History and Nature, is my main focus, as nature displays innumerable beautiful designs and patterns. Nature is an ever ending source of inspiration for artists and the main provider to all our basic needs such as food, water, shelter, materials and clothing. In the last few years I have been working mainly with computer programs. Digital design is a fast growing technology in the textile business, and although I understand and appreciate the advantages, my personal choice is to paint by hand directly on paper and fabric. I rather media such as watercolours, gouache and pastels. I enjoy the feel and texture of the different materials, the freedom of the paintbrush against the paper and the fluidity of the movements created by my own hand. I love the smell of the wet paper with colour and the emotional attachment created by hand- sketched designs. Each design has an identity. With the advent of digital printing the art of hand- painted textile designs is rapidly disappearing, and will soon become a lost art.
I feel that sustainability is also about keeping certain art professions alive.

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