Patina of Textiles by Kiki Lo

the patina of textiles
Recyling/ Upcyling are the first things that spring to mind when approaching any project with the aim to make it sustainable.
Whilst they certainly have a place the adjustment that has to be made goes much deeper.
We need to look at why and how we produce things.
TED’s ten had a profound effect on my work resulting in an investigation of  the current highly profitable ‘rag trade’ as well as an examination of the current aesthetics and value of the’ old and the worn’.
In my work I became to realise that it is not enough to upcycle in order for sustainabily to become a reality. We need to consume less and keep things for longer. We need to examine our relationship with the old and the worn in order to view it in a different light.
My work hopes to challenge the aesthetic of ‘shiny and new’ and allow worn textiles to be valued for their history and Patina by giving them a new context.


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