Modular design by Penny Hayhurst

A Changeable Landscape // Prototype - An installation for a public space exploring modular flexibility and freedom in regards to creative choice in our otherwise ‘constrained’ living environments.

It is through developing modular systems that I have noted a series of TED’s sustainable design strategies, along with glimpses of other sustainable theories, to be present in my design practice. My project is driven by the experimentation of recycled materials. Off-cuts of plastics (Perspex) and timber have formed the foundation for much of my design development. I have been experimenting with laser etching and laser cutting - this has been key in allowing me to interpret my markings and surface decoration onto a material without the need for chemical intervention. The idea that these modular units can be transported easily from space to space invites the idea of a long-life and durable product design. Whether the modules are for flooring or walls or even seating arrangements, it suggests a multi-functionality realized only through the scale and build of the free mobile elements. Modular design means units are easy to replace. This also implies that the surface design of the units can be continually transformed through a service I can offer my cliental. My final product will therefore evolve with; not only age, but with consumer needs and trends.


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