Observations of Traces of Human Touch by Hiromi Itoga

Strangers   November 2012 to March 2012
-The survey was not  to be limited to any specific groups or individual.
-Glass from Oxfam Earl’s court and Trinity hospice Notting Hill.
I collected traces of someone‘s life history through the glass and I imagine their life stories. The reason why I selected the old glass is that it can be used for both gender and all generations.
I took picture from the bottom of the glass, and then I printed these images to silk organza. Finally, I wrapped  wooden panel in two thicknesses of these textiles.

Aquaintances  March 2012
-Glass collection from Sheila.
I collected specific person’s glass collection. I’m trying to find the life history of Sheila via her collection.

I strongly believe that MA Reading Group Seminar Series has positive effect on my own practice.
I found a questions from survey of minimize waste and via TED reading group seminar series. What things can design do before manufacturing to people keep product as long as possible?also what is the value of products for people?

My current study is collect traces of human touch via their products.
I believe that the value of object is related to our memories. It is important to share memories and aging with human rather than its perfect as products.
Objects have meaning of storage of human memories, and also conserve their emotions. It is the one of reasons its have value for human even its aging and imperfect.
However, even the memories, it has been changing and renewing. It means treasurescould be waste by passage of time.
There is no perfect, but also its empty. We can find the beauty in transition. I believe that transient attract people.

TED Reading Group Seminar Series gave me a wide range of knowledge. People have different position in our society. It helps me to find the question. I greatly appreciate all teachers, guest speakers and my class metes.


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