The Throwaway Culture - Rethinking Market for Longterm Needs by Jasmine Yehlam Chan

TED Group helps me to develop my thoughts in about sustainability design and explore the TED-Ten strategies with the Research Reading Group. For my own research project, i want to explore and develop areas which are in the main-filed of design to minimise waste and Replace the Need to Consume, as well as understanding the others design strategies.

 What was ‘wasted’ in the past and still is, also relates to art and design historic information useful for fashion and textiles. I am going to reduce, reuse and eliminate waste for fashion and textiles products. I will also be rethink recycled textiles and materials and explore some technologies for a ‘second life’ products in my study practice. My practice is concerned with our throwaway attitude and question how we can solve this situation by making long-lasting products for consumer needs.
Perhaps we should pay more attention to where materials end-up, choosing materials and manufacturing methods that generate a more circular flow. We should really consider about design process and materials used, and also understanding what does consumer exactly wanted and needed? My aims are to use historical arts and crafts as inspiration as well as using contemporary textile technologies with fabrics in good condition and reusable materials to produce a good range of long lasting products.

Looking at Edwardian times, I am borrowing the idea of detachable collars and cuffs to inform with our fast changing behaviour.  If people keep jewellery pieces and pass them on as antiques, why not use collars and cuffs in the contemporary context? Can they be a long life objects, same as the preservation of traditional crafts –a collection box of easily-removed, long-lasting garment based-accessories.  (Which come with matching clothing, and with different outfits in a package, to include caring, replacing and repairing services)
Then, my focus is to reuse post-industrial and post consumer textiles, and give value through another life. I would like to widen the choices of the materials for the new range of collars and cuffs as adornments so that people can keep them for a long time and express their own sense of fashion. 

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