The Tree Secret by Minatek Oh

The Tree Secret : Connection, Communion and Story
Humans have existed in nature and have always had a strong relationship with nature.  For this reason, many people have tried to encourage people to consider nature. But, are we aware of the perceived separation between human and nature at the moment? In terms of religion, culture and society, a tree always has an important meaning to us and throughout history trees have been treated and respected as a very influential natural object. For the reason of this, a tree has been chosen as the main key of my research.

An important question for my project is what is meant to be considered by trees. 'Nature itself can also be seen as purely a reflection of a person't belief and desires (Cronon, 1995'). For this reason, I have decided to make fabric for fashion by using a regenerated cellulose fibre, especially 'Lyocell' made from dissolving pulp (bleached wood pupl) as the main method and also different fibres made from trees such as paper or bamboo yarn etc.

 Manufactured regenerated fibers are made from the chemical-induced transformation of natural polymers and basically fall into two categories: protein origin and cellulose origin and regenerated fibers of cellulose origin – bamboo, rayon, lyocell / TENCEL®, Modal® and Viscose® – are made of cellulose from tree wood and inner pith and leaves from bamboo plants using differing fiber manufacturing processes with common roots. As you can see it has got a chemical process to be made and in terms of sustainability it made me unsure whether I should chose this fibre as the main material but through the process of the research I found that reducing chemical impact wasn’t just about non-chemical. It was about how we think and what we do for and then I was thinking about its degradability and then I was thinking about a closed loop and narrowing down this idea into the idea of Cradle to Cradle. This idea is related to minimizing waste. After that I thought about a closed loop was also related to that idea which also influences my project as the part of the key idea.


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