Social Fashion by Susana Botero

People transform their bodies through appalling beauty practices according to fashion stereotypes of beauty. My project reflects on how the fashion industry sometimes exclude people just because of their physical appearance. I hand embroidered patterns from close ups of plastics surgeries and body transformations (such as hair implants).

I want to reflect on contemporary consumption behaviours and the way in which fashion is a cultural phenomenon in capitalist societies. I also want to inquire if the fashion market is “killing the world” by the exploitation and waste of the process line: matter-material-product-consumer. I will understand the clothing as "a social interaction" which is accessible and necessary for everyone and I will study how fashion industry can easily exclude people, for example on people´s obsessed appearance.
I also want to question if the idea of sustainability is becoming an utopia and a “make up” for companies to sell more and more. It is very easy to use “green” slogans or logos but is confusing if they are real when executing them. In developed countries there is a concern on the balance in the production line, which come from poor countries where dirty and unsafe factories are possible. I believed that sometimes the imbalance is “exotizied” and no further sociology studies are done. I feel that projects are naive according to the real social problems in underdeveloped countries.
Besides, in underdeveloped countries there is not enough money for new technologies and sustainable awareness sustainable is different. I believe that the idea of sustainable here falls in a cheap sentimentalism, as it is forced and pretentious. The rotation of second hand or vintage clothes, for instance, is different and, for me, these kind of businesses do not "fit" in this markets. Poor countries simply must no copy European or successful markets. They have to be adapted to their own social context.


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